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Nomara Organics ON-THE-SPOT ACNE DRYING THERAPY - For Drying and Shrinking Acne spots and Clearing Black heads. Pure Cold pressed Organic Starflower oil, Organic vitamins E & A Retinol and antioxidant CO2 extracts. Vegan-friendly, Non-toxic - 30ml


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  • Dries up acne spots, clears blackheads and other blemishes.

  • Soothes inflammation and controls redness.

  • Acts quickly with visible results.

  • Nourishes and balances the skin's oil production.

  • Stops breakouts and prevents further infections.

  • Speeds up healing.

Our serum is light, non-greasy  & non-pore clogging
  • It helps unclog and refine pores thus aiding rapid healing.
  • Controls excessive oil production.

  • With regular use, it helps re-balance the skin's function.

  • The result is a clear healthy and glowing skin.



Always shake well before use. Apply the serum on the face twice a day after cleansing. Gently massage a small amount on the face. Dab a little extra on the spots and allow to absorb. Do not wipe off. Keep the bottle tightly closed and to avoid contamination, do not transfer the serum to another container.


  • 100% pure cold pressed unrefined Starflower seed Oil has been enhanced with 100% pure organic vitamin E Oil, Vitamin A Retinol and Organic Rosemary Anti-Oxidant & other Carbon dioxide plant extracts.

  • A combination of a healing seed oils, oil-soluble vitamins and bio-active plant extracts that makes our On-The-Spot Acne Drying Therapy safe & more effective than any other on the market.

  • Starflower oil – Cold pressed and unrefined Rich in vitamins and phytonutrients, is a potent ant inflammatory for drying spots, soothing, healing, controlling redness and breakouts.

  • Vitamin A Retinol 1% ( 1 million IU/ml) - A strong Anti-Oxidant, anti bacterial and free radical quencher for optimal skin health – Essential for treating and protecting against skin infections, problems. It is nourishing, pore refining, cell renewing and smoothing the skin.

  • 100% Organic Vitamin E Oil - Potent, Anti-oxidant bio-active, oil-soluble vitamin that is essential for cell protection, cell renewal and rejuvenation as well as free radical quenching.

  • Nomara organics On-The-Spot Acne Drying Therapy should ideally be used be used on its own as a Serum. Can be used under make up, or before cream for acne prone skin.

  • It is freshly made in UK in small batches so its always fresh with maximum effectiveness.

  • Organic Rosemary Anti-oxidant Carbon dioxide extract – protects skin and the product ingredients from oxidative damage thus preserving maximum freshness and effectiveness.

  • Presented in an amber glass bottle with a dispenser for protecting from oxidative damage and further preserve maximum freshness & effectiveness.

Contains no artificial colours or fragrances. No harsh or harmful chemicals, Parabens, mineral oil & is GMO free. Not tested on animals and contains no animal derived ingredients. Vegan friendly