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Our story

A collage of Nomara Organics products

Nomara Organics is a small family business based in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK. All our products are made in the UK and we design, formulate and manufacture most of them ourselves. What we offer is what we also use ourselves.

Our stories are what make us who we are. Here’s the story behind why Nomara Organics is what it is today.

Beginnings and biological science

When our founder was growing up on a farm, she developed an early fascination with plants. As a small girl she knew more than 100 plants and their uses. This interest led to studying biological sciences at university and working as a biological scientist, before further studies in nutrition.

Over a long career she worked for the United Nations and other development agencies as a nutrition consultant in 11 countries, in communities and in refugee camps.

Nutrition and nourishment

After leaving the UN, our founder started a nutritional clinic and food allergy laboratory in Exeter, England, opening in 2002. Her observations from around the world had made it clear that, though malnourishment is thought of as a problem that “other countries” have, it is actually a major problem in the West.

The problem is not lack of food, but too much, and a lack of appropriate nutrients. Processing takes away the natural benefits of food, so we’re often eating “empty” food, with artificial ingredients. Our bodies don’t know how to deal with it because our bodies are evolved to deal with natural substances. For example, the liver has no pathways for unknown artificial chemicals so it is unable to detoxify them. They accumulate in the body and interfere with normal function. Obesity is also malnutrition - having a deficiency of vitamins or minerals can happen even when eating too much food if it is the wrong kind. The solution is often a healthy, balanced diet with the right nutritional supplements.

Skincare and supplements

While preparing programmes for clients at the clinic, our founder realised that there were very few nutritional supplement providers which she was comfortable using. The same was true for skincare products. Very few companies were clear on where their ingredients came from, and many mixed artificial ingredients with natural ones.

As a result, Nomara Organics was born, to create high quality, expertly formulated nutritional supplements and organic skincare products. Our founder used her scientific and nutritional qualifications and experience to formulate products that were safe, effective, and high quality.

Our founder’s passion is the driving force behind ensuring that every single Nomara Organics product is the best that it can be. The focus has never been on the cheapest price or the most sales, but always on quality. We only offer what we use ourselves.

Environment and ethics

Today, Nomara Organics packages products every day in a busy workshop. True to our long-held values, our environmental impact is very low. We produce in small batches, which not only means the products are always fresh and effective, but it also reduces waste.

We minimise plastic wherever possible, re-use and recycle all packaging material, and give away anything we cannot use ourselves to be repurposed by others in the local community. We are passionate about reusing and recycling, and take recycling to another level!

Our founder has planted 12,000 eucalyptus trees in East Africa. As well as combatting climate change and deforestation, the trees provide many benefits including firewood, medicines, essential oils, and employment for local women.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Perhaps it resonates with your own. We sincerely hope that you will gain much pleasure, health and vitality from using our products.