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Nomara Organics® Giraffe Clear Glass Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser 2 x 500 ml set. Laser Engraved with permanent Giraffe motifs, fitted with BPA-free Lockable pumps & Non-leak caps.


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The 2 Dispensers are Laser Engraved with Giraffe motifs and fitted with BPA-free Lockable Pumps.  Toxin-free laser engraved giraffe motifs are permanent- do not wear off. The set comes with spare polyclone-lined Non-leak & airtight lids/caps to use for storage.  Prevent against oxidation, keeping contents fresh and effective for longer.

The eco-friendly dispensers are nestled in a box of kiln-dried wood straw.  Multipurpose, Eco-friendly & Reusable for a Gift, Sanitizer gel Dispenser, in the Bathroom or Kitchen, office, workplace, Organic Hand-wash, Shampoo, Washing-up liquid, shower gel


  • PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY CLEAR GLASS LOCKABLE SOAP DISPENSER SET, NESTLED ON STRAW, IN A BOX- the 2 clear glass soap dispensers with black lockable pumps are nestled on kiln-dried wood straw, in a box. Set comes with 2 airtight and leak-proof screw top caps. Made of premium quality thick clear glass, this stylish beautifully presented set makes a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself to be used for sanitizer gel, shampoo, liquid soap, hand-wash.
  •  HELPS PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT - these beautiful multi-purpose clear glass dispensers are refillable and recyclable, allowing you to reduce your plastic consumption in the home and helping towards reducing general environmental damage. The kiln-dried wood straw and the box are re-usable and recyclable too. This purchase of 2 reusable 500ml glass dispensers can replace many equivalent disposable plastic containers in your home and workplace
  • HELPS SAVE YOU MONEY AND PROTECTS YOUR HEALTH - invest in these refillable clear glass dispensers and you'll stop throwing money away on disposable plastic dispensers. Our long-lasting, durable 500ml clear glass soap dispenser set is 100% re-usable and have many uses, meaning one set will last you a long time. Our glass soap dispensers are also BPA-free and non-toxic so no harmful chemicals can transfer into the bottle contents.
  • MULTIPLE USES AROUND YOUR HOME & WORKPLACE- the uses for these clear glass dispensers are many,  here are just a few of their common uses, around the home, in kitchen and bathroom-  shampoo, liquid soap, hair conditioner, DIY, arts and crafts, homemade organic products, beauty and skincare products, storing non-toxic organic products
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you will love your beautiful set of 500ml clear glass soap and lotion dispensers we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee giving you total peace of mind with your purchase today