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Nomara Organics® Glass Leak Proof Blue Atomizer Spray Bottles, 4 x30ml. Refillable-Handbag- Organic-Beauty-Lotion-essential oil-Herbal liquids


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  • -ECO-FRIENDLY COBALT BLUE GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE SET- This premium set of reusable blue glass spray bottles includes 4 x 30ml with white atomiser/spray, 1x BPA-Free Transfer Funnel, and 2 x leak proof spare silver caps with EP Lining.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY WITH REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE - These stylish bottles are reusable and 100% recyclable helping reduce plastic usage. The premium durable glass is dish-washer safe, so they can be used time and time again.
  • -LEAK PROOF CAPS AND BPA-FREE GRADUATED MEASURING BEAKER - 2 x Leak proof Caps are included, which make the spray bottles perfect for holding oils, serums and lotions, without the worry of them leaking or contents losing their effectiveness through oxidation. The BPA free Graduated Measuring beaker makes the measuring and transfer of your organic liquids and oils easy and safe.
  • -100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We know that you will love your beautiful new set of 30ml cobalt blue glass spray bottles with BPA-Free graduated beaker and silver caps, and offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee giving you total peace of mind with your purchase


This premium set of reusable cobalt blue glass bottles includes 4 x 30ml with leak proof white atomiser spray with covers, 1x BPA-Free 30ml Graduated Measuring beaker and 2 x silver screw top caps with EPE liners ensuring they are leak proof.

These high quality extra-thick blue glass spray/atomizers bottles are perfect for protecting light-sensitive products such as essential oils, organic beauty blends, aromatherapy mixes, organic herbal liquids. The high quality BPA-free measuring beaker is ideal for accurate measuring and transferring of organic/natural products.

Our stylish multi-purpose blue glass bottle set is refillable and re-usable and 100% recyclable, allowing you to easily reduce your plastic consumption.

30ml bottle with white finger spray/atomiser ( 11.00 x 3.00 cm)
Bottle neck: 18mm
BPA- FREE Graduated Measuring beaker - 30ml Silver Screw Caps : 18mm.

CAUTION - To avoid cross contamination, always wash the bottles and sprayer head/atomizer before using a different product.
Transfer funnel, spray head and tubes are not dish washer safe.
Do not use undiluted oil in the atomiser/spray bottle.