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Nomara Organics® Giraffe Clear Glass Soap & Lotion Dispenser 2 x 300 ml set. Set is Laser Engraved with Giraffe motifs, fitted with BPA-free Lockable pumps & Non-leak lids/caps.


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Giraffe Glass Soap & Lotion Dispenser 2 x 300 ml set by Nomara Organics®. Dispensers are Laser Engraved with Giraffe motifs,fitted with BPA-free Lockable Pumps & spare Non-leak lids/caps. The set is nestled in a box of straw. Eco-friendly, Multipurpose, Reusable for a Gift, in the Bathroom or Kitchen, Organic Hand-wash, Shampoo, Body Oils & Serums, Washing-up liquid, Sanitizer dispenser, Vinegar & Oil.